10 tips for writing that awesome blog post

     How to write best blog post


You have set everything in seo, even if you create a backlink but your website does not rank in Google.So today we will know about 10 of those things, write up our post or our website rank in Google. People those read to this your blog. 

Content :-

Content is the most important of your blog.Your content must be unique from the other.It should not be copyright  and its content should be on a good topic.

If someone blog that 10 tips for earn money , then you have to write 15 Tips for earn Money. You do have to write more content and it should be unique.

Structure of blog :-

Now if you talk about structure , then you have to write in the top of your blog, instroduction. You have to write about this blog and problem this that you have to write in the instroduction.

Example - As I wrote blogs what is affiliate marketing  I would write in the instroduction Affiliate marketing is good and you can earn money from it, let's know Steps by step In this way you will be required to become an instroduction  of your blog.

Body part :-

In this you have to write all the things that it is well and how it works.Suppose that I have created a blog or if there is a 10 tips for earn money  then these 10 Tips should come into the body.

Small paragraph :-

This mistake  is a new blogger that does a large blog  writing a without paragraph. You might think that if you do have a big blog, then you will not even read the paragraph without it.But if it is in small paragraphs, then you will have a interested  to read.

Small sentence :-

If you have been able to write a little bit of sentences  because some people IQ have less, If you read it from above, then forget about the rest.Write a blog to create small sentence  and stay tuned for reading instert. 

I and You :-

Innocent Conversations When someone reads your blog, it should not feel that he reads He should think that he is talking to you.

Clicking on my blog to read  as needs it.Suppose I created a blog or if I wanted to know the personHow to submit Sitemap , he would click on my blog.In that blog you have to write in such a way that the person thinks he is talking to you.

Ask Questions :-

Whenever you create a blog, you will be able to ask for any quation between it and if you have the ability to answer it, it will show you the comment.This process will also grow your blog in Google.

Heading & Sub-heading :-

Do even create a paragraph in the blog, but also create a heading and sub - headings. If you keep the heading then people will know that you want to say, and on which topic you speak.

Read your content whole :-

For your blog to read a few more people without your commencement, write such content or else it will share by others.For people who read a reference  link, image  and video in your blog, they become friendly.You try to make the reader easy to read, the blog you wrote.

Minimalist design :-

Minimalist design  means that your blog must be design in a good look.Keep in your blog's Theme that you  reader likes to read.Use a few photos to leave a little space and keep the Font size big for writing.

In this way, if you are interested in blogs then your blog will be mind-boggling to others.


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