10 tips to save battery

Tips For Mobile Save Battery 

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Friends, you are worried about your phone battery life.You have to remove it all day with the help of a power bank.Today I will give you 10 tips that the problem of taking your mobile battery low  will be removed.

Friends In today's date, there is a variety of quality in your mobile Future  selfie  camera, even battery is good, but the user pattern has come.You have to get the help of a power bank because your mobile phone has a warning message of a low battery.The 10 basic tips I'll show you will relieve your problem.So let's know how you can use your mobile battery full day.

(1) Wi-Fi Off :-

If you have turned on the Wi-Fi, bluetooth, hot spots in your mobile for any reason and you have forgotten to off. So when you have work, turn on the left off.

(2) Application Update :-

The second point is app update that when you go to the Play Store, you have the option of auto update.When an application comes out update and your battery is consumed, it will be automatically update without your permission. So you can turn off auto-update and if you want to do an application Update,  you can do in the Play Store.

(3) Touch Sound :-

When you unlock your mobile sound, touch sound, keyboard sound as you do not need them that turn off sound. It also makes your battery power wested.

(4) Screen :-

Reduce your mobile screen brightness and remove it from auto modes.In auto mode, it is like checking your surroundings  light and setting up your screen brightness.So, off auto mode and set brightness in your way.

(5) Screen Time Out :-

It is such that your screen time duration.
Your screen turns off according to its set time. Sometimes it may happen that because of a notification, your battery will be reduced due to more frequent screening of your time.Keep your screen time duration for 10 - 15 seconds.

(6) live Wallpaper :-

If you have a live wallpaper in your mobile, then delete it and use the normal wallpaper.If you have a dark mode in your mobile, then use it to save your battery.

(7) Data Usage :- 

It shows you if there is a notification by your application consume.You should go to the setting and disabled of the circuit app.It will not matter to you because it will stop you from notification you, but keep enable if you need it.This will also affect your battery.

(8) Fake Charger :-

You use the original charger instead of the faked charger, otherwise your mobile may be blasted.

(9) hey seri and google :-

And keep it off as it speaker  to continue, and it will answer your question soon. Keep it close to you because its sensor will continue.

(10) Motion Active Features :-

If you take the mobile screen then the screen is turned on,If you turn your hand on the screen and turn on the music, then you use many apps.Do not use such an app for your mobile sensor to continue.

You can take these tips to work and maintain your mobile battery life. 

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