16 way to get quality backlink your blog

     16 ways to get high quality               backlink your blog 


The question is in the mind of all that the what are  backlinks ? It is called backlink to URL one of the shifted  to another URL .

There are two types of backlinks: Dofollow & Nofollow 


You can also call this a permanent  backlink.Includes guest post,web 2.0 directory and follow comment in dofollow Backlink.The more you dofollow, the better it is for your website.


The backlink of this type remains briefly on your website.This includes a Main social signal.If you have a link from Facebook twitter instagram etc. too, it will be in the nofollow  backlink.It is good if your website has 10-15 percentage Nofollow  backlinks.

Is the meaning of this Do you have created more dofollow backlink and less Nofollow backlinks this is for good for your website.

The backlink is a work that helps you to rank your website in Google

How to create backlink 

Making a backlink on the website is easy But it is very difficult to create a properly  in your post keywords Serch Engine.You have to first do the research by the Keyword. For example, if I want to crack the 8 tips for earn money , then I will have to make a backlink of high quality on it.

You will learn about how to create backlink in 16 ways.

  • You can go to other people's websites to tell you that I want to write a guest post on your website.If you write a guest post on a good website, you can get a backlink of a high quality. 

  • You can make a backlink even after visiting other people's websites and commenting on their blog.But keep in mind that the post is related to your website.

  • Create podcast and submit it to I tune. 

  • Create YouTube channel and include link your blog post. 

  • Submit your website to local businesses directory. 

  • Make an account on Quora and answer the question on a topic related to your blog, by discusing that there you can urinate your link there.If people like your answer traffic will get better on your website and you get a backlink.

  • You can even share your post back on Facebook,google plus, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and create a backlink.

  • You can answer  to your blog questions related to Yahoo.You can also create a backlink if the person you liked will answer  it on your website.

  • Your product on Amazon include link to your blog. 

  • Create your Wikipedia page and include your link in this page. 

  • Submit your resume to resume directory then linking to your blog in resume. 

  • Write a high quality content and you will get strong backlink .

  • You can make an interlinking add in your link article on any of your blog posts.

  • You will also get traffic from your blog link submit directory, cross your website.

This has happened to 16 tips as you can make a backlink.There are many other remedies that if you like, you can go to Harsh Agarwal directly and learn.


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