Blogger vs WordPress

          Blogger Vs WordPress

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Whenever a person has thought of a website or blog create, These two platforms would have been against you Blogger and WordPress.This is a good difference between the two and you know what is good.

Firstly, if you want to know about the blogger advantage and disadvantage. 

Advantage of the blogger

The following are the five types of bloggers in the blogger.

(1) easy templeat custom :- 

In Blogger, you can customize websites easily.Programming on Blogger XML file  with the help of the css html and Java script in the template.This allows you to customize the template easily.

(2) blogger free template :-

In Blogger, you do not have to buy template free goods.Blogger can set up their own template while purchasing a Wordpress.

(3) secure your blog :- 

Security in Blogger is strong.No damp hacker can hack your blog.Because Blogger is the property of Google.

(4) free hosting :-

Blogger has its own hosting, it does not dash one rupee to host your blog.In that case, if you keep the images file of the article, you will not get money.

(5) free back option :-

In Blogger, you can back up any of the post article file. 

This is the advantage of the blogger now that we have talked about its disadvantages.

Disadvantage of the blogger 

(1) Not seo friendly :-

You will not get Seo Plugin in Blogger.Because of that, you're rsnk in Google 3 to 4 month. 

(2) Access to your root folder :-

You can not go to any of the websites file because these are all with Google.

(3)Disabled or delete your blog anytime:-

Your blog can be a different reason it has disable and delete because Google has its opperchunity. 

That's  the blogger's advantage and the disadvantage thing is that we will now know  of the Wordpree.

Advantage of the WordPress 

(1) premiere profession WordPress templeat  :-

You will find good in Wordpress Themes which are not in Blogger.

(2) self hosted platform :-

You will get any more plugins because everything will be hosting with you.

(3) WordPress extra plugin :-

In it you will find many plugins which are different for all. Which will not be found in Blogger.

(4) seo friendly WordPress :-

Wordpress is a seo blog from which you can quickly rank in Google.

(5) access to file and root directory :-

The root directory is where the contents of the blog are stored.You will not find that in Blogger.

Disadvantage of the WordPress 

(1) WordPress security :-

Wordpress has trouble in security because its good responsibility is up to you.You have to increase your security manually.

I have shown you the Wordpress and the blogger ade and the disadvantages.Now you have to think which is good for you.These are two good platforms for blogs so you should start blogging.

If you have any mistakes, then forgive me.If you have liked this article and you have a good look, then suggestion  the comment in the comments box below.


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