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      What Is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense


Google created a website on June 18, 2003, Google Adsense  said.Let's know today that Google Adsense has a idea of how to create an account and how to make money.

People who have their own websites or Youtube channel  are saying that Google has created an account in Google Adsense.If your website is approval then we can show  the advertise on your website.

How to get money in Google Adsense

If you have advertise  on your website, then any person visiting your website or clicking on the advertise will get you money.

Now the question is whether Google gives money from his pocket and the answer is no.If you want to promote a product, you can help Google
Adwords.Those advertise of your product will show on other people's websites.Now in this Google says that if you are a advertiser, then  is in the Google adword and  If you are a publisher, then  will create an account in Google AdSense.

Now if I give Google 100 $  to my website advertise, then 68 Percentage will be given to those people whose websites show up on my advertise and 32 percentage  will keep it with also earns money through the help of the Google Adsense,  which runs in the market as well.

Google Adsense rule for create account 

If you made an account in Google Adsense, then there is a rule of the same.

  • That website should be your own.According to their Policy , your website should come.

  • Your website should be six months old, but if you have a domain name, you can get it from approval soon.People who do not know how to buy a domain name can go to the link given below.

  • You need to be at least 18+ in your age.If you are under age, you can create an account in the name of your family member.

These three main terms and conditions are Google Adsense. 

How to create account in  Google Adsense 

  • Then you will be asked to sign up to your account so that you sign up  to your email id.

  • So when you open one page there, you should link your website and save email id.

  • Then select your country and then  click on the create account.

  • Then fill in your address and fill out the form detail  in your payment address and verified your phone number. 

This way you can create an account in Google Adsense.

In the second article, let's find out that WebSite should keep in mind what to look for Google Adsense approval. 


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