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   How To Make A Android App

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Friends, you also have a desire to have an Android application.Making an Android app is not a difficult task, but sometimes it does not know which direction we can get it in.There are many solutions to the application event.If we have to pay in our application play store. 

I will teach you to create friends for free and to make an application for your personal work.So lets know how to create Android app a step-by-step.

Create A Android Application

  • First of all you have to install  snapp application in Play Store.Then subscribe to sign up.

  • Then your screen will appear on the create your app.Then you have to choose the category  that you have created.There are four categories in it.

  1. Event
  2.  Business
  3. Blog
  4. Non - profit

So make sure to pick it up at the Business  category and choose it.

  • After that you will get an option of app edit, you can put a picture in it.You can place your app's header there and show your app in a description. In such a way, you will  have to take a photo in second and third page.Then jump to the next cross.

  • There you will see the option of free, set a different amount it. 

  • Then set up product tittle.

  • Then click on + and click on the 🔗 where there will be an option to  the other thing.

  • There you can keep your link, such as when you open the create button.

 My page
 Phone Number 

Set this to whichever of these four you want to link to And click on done in writing in the description.

  • Then open up the snap app again by applying it again.Then you will see that there will be an option of publish.There you will find four options.

 play store (paid) 
 Appdoiet  (paid)
  App Store  (paid)
  website (free) 

You have made it in free, so choose the website and click on next. 

  • Then set your application name and language and click on next. Then you will receive a message that your application has become and is published.

You can easily create your application in just 10 minutes without thinking about  to create your own application.Friends, I hope you make your application. If there is any confusion then you can tell me a comment.

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