What is affiliate marketing ?

   What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing

Hii Guy's ,

 Friends, you might think that the affiliate is marketing and so how does it get money?So today we will talk about affiliate marketing.

When you buy a good thing, you are searching for the first one.Even though the Mobile clothes are shoes but we go there where you benefit.If you consider yourself as a work, then all the company wants to sell the product.It says to the customer through the help of TV Newspaper and Radio from different means that you buy this product.But there are some Website and Blog crossing traffic, so the company wants to bring people from there to buy our product.That way, blogger  becomes the company's affiliate.

How do the affiliate marketing work?

Suppose I read  wrote the article of shout me loud.I am clicking on that Amazon product and I buy it.She get to selling  and gives the blogger a commission with Amazon.The blogger did not invest any money and got the same money.

Top 3 affiliate marketing website 

These three websites are good and trustworthy.We'll get you a great money.

  1. Amazon  Associate 
  2. CJ Affiliate 
  3. Share A Sale 

World top affiliate program :-

  • Linkshare
  • Peerfly
  • One network direct 
  • Click bank 
  • eBay partner network 

Now I have shown you to all the Afiliate site. You can make money by jumping and doing it.


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