How to create Amazon affiliate account

                Amazon Associate 

Today's Amazon Associates will know how to create an account, how much commission will be available on the sale of one product and how to get the HTML code.

What is Amazon Associate?

This is an Amazon company affiliate program. You can promote a listed product on Amazon by crossing your website/blog. If a person purchases any A product by making a balance on that link, you will get a commission. Now let's believe that I am doing my website I have put a link to Amazon's product on it. If you buy that product then I will get a commission.

How to create an account in Amazon associate 


You can click on any two links provided above to do the account. Then you will see an option here, click on join now for free. 

Then you can sign up in your Amazon if your account is not on Amazon, it is very easy to make. If you use a sign up the Amazon account, open one page and there you have to add the account information first. You will show the name of the name that you have written in the Amazon account and it will get the payment If you want to give it to someone else, you can give them a person's detail by clicking someone else. 

  • For purposes, are you u.s. person?

Then you will go down, so one option will be to see if you are a citizen of u.s country, if you have yes and not live then cross-click. Then click Next.

  • Enter your website

   Then the next page will open wherever you ask your website / Mobil App URL if you have a website, link its link and click on the add. There you can also link to your social media page. You can link to the maximum 50 Website or Mobile app. Then click Next.

  • What is your preferred associate store Id? 

We ask that you have a good name for your store. There you can keep the name you want to keep.

  • What is your website or mobile app about? 

There you will be able to give a detail of your website or mobile app based on whom.

  • which of the following topic best describe your website or mobile app? 

There you have to show who your website /mobile app is about.
Ex. Blog, book, education, music etc. 

  • What types of amazon item do you intend to list your website or mobile app? 

There you are asking what product you want to sell on your website. You can select according to your desire. If you want, you can choose all the products.

  • What type is your website or mobile app? 

There you will be the type of your website as if it is crossing the content.

  • How do you drive traffic to your website? 

This asks you how to get traffic to your website.
Ex. Paid traffic, email, SEO etc.
Select what you are doing with passionately.

  • How do you utilize your website and app to generate income? 

You can select if you are arriving income from Google Adsense on your website or Mobile ask you how to do an earn in the app And if you do the other way, choose it.

  • How do you usually build link? 

How do you link your blog so you can choose the blog editor option?

  • How many total unique visitors your website and mobile app get per month? 

There you set the number of Visitors coming from one month to your website

  • What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon associate program? 

This asks you why you want to join the Amazon Associate if you are looking for money, choose to monetize my site. 

  • How did you hear about us? 

Ask you where you heard from our affiliate program? There you choose the Word of Mouth.

Then click on the security code and click on the Finnish.

This way to sign up the Amazon associate program. 

How do get product link? 

You have signed up for it, but how can you generate link a product? If you want to link go to the Amazon Associate program and tap the name of the product you want to link to the search Toolbar. Click on the get link that you will see in the and copy that link. Then you can set it on the page of your website.

How much commission can you get on selling a product?

Now let's talk about how much brother commissions Amazon offers. Thus, Amazon is the most successful affiliate program offering good commissions. Each of its products has different commissions fixed as follows.

Product category                    percentage 

Kindle devices & eBooks                     10%
Consumer electronics & accessories 4%
Mobile phone                                       2.5%
Mobile accessories                               4%
Television                                                4%
Gift Card                                                  2%
Mobile Recharge                                    2%
Apparel & shoes                                     9%
Health & personal care                          8%
Books                                                       8%
Music, video game, and software       5% Car, motorbike and industrial product 8%
Toy and baby products                          9%
Watches                                                   9%
Jewelry                                                 8.5%
Gold and Silver coin                            0.2%
Home and kitchen                               10%
Kitchen appliances                               9%
personal care appliances                    8%
fire tv stick                                           10%  
Luggage and bags                                9%
Sport, Fitness, and Outdoors               9%
Office and stationary                            8%
Musical instruments                             8%
Grocery and gourmet                            8%
Data storage device                              2%
Major appliances                                   5%
Pantry                                                      8%
Tyre, bicycle & heavy gym equipment 3%
Other                                                       10%


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