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Do friends not have traffic on your website because your content copyright and second reason broken link. There are a lot of reasons, but today we are going to talk about two things which are the mistake of all people's blog post The reason is that those websites are not an SEO friendly.
These two mistakes are Copy-past content and second Broken link. I have already shown you in an article how to write a good blog post. If you type a post in the same manner, then check that it does not have a broken link or whether this article is encrypted or not. So let's learn about two tools to fix this error.

You can use these two tools in free you do not need to pay any money.


Google copy content takes spam seriously, but sometimes due to duplicate content and search engine algorithm, Google may consider copying content as original and you may lose search engine ranking due to the copying of content. With this tool help, you can find out whether your post is copyright or not.

Copyscape offers you both free and premium offers. But in the beginning, you can choose free version.

How to use Copyscape

Click on the link given above, so when you open in a homepage, place your link in your website and click on the go button.


So open on a second page, you can see how many websites/blogs have copied your post. This way you can learn whether your content has been copied or not.

Broken link 

Broken link tool

Now let's talk about Broken Link's link that does not exist or show an error, such as 404 not found, it is called Broken Link. If you have put a link to a post in your blog post and that page is removed from the website then that link will be broken.
Broken link

So, with the help of this tool, you can check the Broken link on your website/blog.

How to find a broken link

You click on the link given above, so when you open one page there, you can link your website and click on the Broken link.

Then open the second page and put it into a security code and website link. Then you click on the find broke link now.

Friends can help you with the help of this tool that you do not have a broken link and cross your website.


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